Despicable me 2 Minions Banana song

2013-07-28 14:53

OMG!! Some crazy people shopping in Walmart.

2013-07-27 18:41

We love cats.

2013-07-24 21:21

Don’t bother hiring these guys lol

2013-07-24 21:13

This guy must be off his head.

2013-07-24 21:01

This guys aunt is always leaving her door open so he decides to teach her a lesson.

2013-04-20 19:37

As much as he tries, he doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere.

2013-04-20 19:13

This guys got talent!

2013-01-17 14:06

Some hilarious moments from the NBA

2013-01-17 14:05

A guy plays a prank on his hot girlfriend by putting one of the Worlds hottest sauces into her sushi. Take that.. lol.

2013-01-17 14:03